DeLong Farms will not be taking orders for the 2023 season. DeLong Farms will not be taking orders for the 2023 season.

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Tree and Wreath Care

Fresh trees and wreaths from DeLong Farms are a wonderful addition to any household this season.

How long does a fresh tree or wreath last?

Outside in cool and cold climates, your wreath or garland will last through Christmas and well into the new year.  Inside, your tree, centrepiece or garland should last 4 weeks before drying out. Follow our tips below to ensure your tree and wreaths stay fresh.

Tree Care

Here are a few tips on how to care for your fresh balsam fir tree:

  • If the tree will be stored for a few days before standing, we recommend a cold place, standing in a bucket of water
  • If possible, bring the tree inside the day before decorating to allow the tree to slowly warm up to room temperature
  • Choose a place in your home away from heat sources, with an electrical outlet nearby
  • Before you stand up your tree, make a straight cut across the trunk, an inch above the existing cut. This lets water flow freely up the tree trunk
  • Stand up your tree and water. Don’t be alarmed if needles fall at first – this is normal!
  • Water frequently throughout the holiday season – trees use a surprising amount of water
  • Turn off tree lights before going to bed at night – this keeps your tree cool to prevent drying
  • Avoid flammable decorations – dispose of frayed cords, and don’t use real candles!
  • Recycle your tree! Many communities have special Christmas tree composting/recycling programs in place, or accept trees cut into smaller pieces in municipal composting

Wreath and Centrepiece Care

Outdoor Wreaths

  • Hang your wreath out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources for best freshness throughout the season
  • If you have a storm door, hang the wreath outside the door where it is coolest
  • Balsam wreaths last the longest in freezing temperatures – no need to bring the wreath inside if it is freezing!

Indoor Wreaths and Centrepieces

  • Like our Christmas trees, if you need to store your indoor wreath or centrepiece before using, store in a cold place such as outside, the basement, or in the freezer to keep it fresh until it is ready for use.  Allow to thaw before taking it out of the package.
  • Indoor wreaths, centrepieces and garland should be misted with water every second day to keep their freshness